gratitude3“That heart which you have given me, O Lord! I give it back to you, O mighty one! What else can I offer you, my Master! I offer my prayerful salutations with tears of Gratitude. O Lord! Accept them all with my heart.”

“Offer your salutations to God. Without doing this, you will become an ungrateful wretch. You will collapse into the endless cycle of birth and death. Suffering and agony will cling to you. Your tears of gratitude will liberate you from all such problems. You will always be blissful, with cheerful smiles. This is the result of constantly expressing your gratitude to God.”

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Summer Showers 2002 pg 143

Since it is an Omega principle to acknowledge others. I do not undertake this privilege lightly. I feel a tremendous debt of Gratitude to those who have helped me and chiseled my  life.  some of them even if I take many  lives I will not be able to repay my gratitude to them. My heart has grown so much just knowing each and every one of you.

I am breaking the age old tradition of paying respect to Mother, Father, Guru, God by paying my first obeisance to my Teacher and well wisher  first.

To late DS Habbu ex principal Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School who asked God to love me and God complied to his wish and hugged me in front of all students, I did not even realize this till Raj Patel who captured this moment in his camera, was kind enough to share with me the photo. Incidentally or rather co incidentally Mr.Habbu was asked by The Divine Master To Join His Esteemed Organisation on 19-7-1973 happens to also be the day I was born on this Holy Planet. This day is so unique that i will share with you its significance later in the course of time.

To my parents Dr B Kailas Rao an eminent orthopaedic surgeon an epitome of Service and Sacrifice and my mother Smt. Parvathi  Rao a ray of light in my life for letting me be as I am, and standing by me even during the most difficult and testing times of my life without expecting anything from me.

To My Grand Parents Sri Vykunta Ramayya, and Smt Chellayamma for their unflinching faith in God and Sri Venkat Raju an epitome of strength and Smt Sarawathi an encyclopedia of stories and knowledge for planting in us seeds of devotion to God in my heart at an early age.

To My Elder brother Late Dr.B Vijay Kumar for giving me a hand made card when I joined the hostel,which read “God’s delays are not God’s denials” which I always kept with me and cherished.

To My younger brother  Late B. Vikas Kumar who  inspired me to achieve things that I could not even have thought of. He advised me never to leave God come what may, even though he had a premonition about what fate held for him.

To Prof.N Kasturi garu for planting in me the seed in my heart the purpose of my coming into existence into this world.

To Shri K Chakravarthi garu for giving me an opportunity to continue my bachelor’s degree and letting me peek into the mind of God and who taught me that books are best friend a man can have.

To  Shri Vinod Kumar Passi garu who taught me that God’s handiwork is found in the smallest details.

To Prof C Jagan Mohan Rao garu who even though didn’t know who I was fought with authorities to get for me footwear used by the Lord as a prize for sports meet championship.

To Dr A Sudhir Bhaskar for introducing  me to the beautiful world of Cybernetics.

To Dr R.Kumar Bhaskar for having taught Behavioural Psychology so well.

To Shri Renju Raghuveeran with all his disabilities accepted me as his student and helped me complete my project when everyone turned me down.

To Sai Venkatesh Pingali, P.Sai Krishna,Sai Nathan Pillay, Sai Venkateswaran,Sharat Chandra,Damu Nair,V.Sathya Sai Ram, G.Sapthagiri,T Shravan,Abhay Amrite, Nandakumar, Dr Raja Sekhar Verma, Guna Shekhar Bhatt, M Jagadish Rao,Manish Sharma,K Kiran Krishna, NB Sikki Vahan, late P Sathya Narayanan, S V Satheesh and Raju Gouri Shetty,  Suleen Patel,Vijay Santhanam,Venkat Desikan,Anand Krishnan, Anand Nerugunam, Kasi Rao, Anand Sur, Sanjay PK, Sandeep Bodak, Tej Kumar, Vaidyanathan Balasubramanyam, Dr Meenakshi Murwada, Dr Ankit Jain for being my friends.

To Amitabh Das Gupta,Vibhuti Patel, Chiran Basnet, Vijay Krishna, Muthu Kumar, Sreedhar, Sai Kumar, Patty Sairam,  Jayaraman for teaching me the Principle of “Brother Hood of Man and Father Hood of God.”

To all My relatives Satish & Hema Battula, Smt Swapna & Sri Hari Atmakuri, Sri Rajesh & kavitha Battula, Sri Shyam & Padma Battula, Dr Lingamurthy KS , Rajini & Ragini, Shekar & Kasturi, Kalyani & Gopi Krishna, Swarna Laxmi & Sai Krishna who were a source of support.

To Prashanth Sawhney for being kind enough to give me his books and notes and clarifying my doubts in school.

To N Sathya Pramod and GN Girisha for teaching me accounts and commerce in school and sharing with us their biscuits and mixture and to Shri Ruchir Desai for giving solid foundation in taxation and accounts.

To Dr G Bhagya Rao doctor of psychiatry who treated me with love and kindness and helped me to get out of depression.

To Smt Anusha, Sri Satish Reddy, and Sri Sanvi my three year neighbour, Chahana,Himaja,Lasya, Sudeep, Sweety, Sharon who made me connect to the child in me.


To V Nitin Acharya for introducing me into the world of publishing and soulful ghazals of Ghulam Ali and making the best masala chai on earth.

To Shri RJ Ratnakar garu who wanted to take me under his care when times were tough.

To Dr Piyush Kumar Srivastava for introducing me to the world of audio visuals and multimedia.

Dr Vineet Aggarwal whose book inspired me take up writing again.

To Dr.Chaganti Kotesharwra Rao  after listening to whose talks i could understand swami’s discourses much better.

To Dr. Uma Rao who lovingly assured me that I will live by Swami’s grace, when I accidently broke the hand of  a very powerful form of ganesha whose trunk faced right side and had to face the Wrath Of elephant God. Doctors were not able to diagnose what I was suffering from. I was hospitalised for two weeks in serious condition.

To Mrs. Vani my spiritual healer, who after going through my horoscope gave appropriate remedies so that I could atone for the sins that I have committed in my previous births.

To Sai Sashi Bushan for forgiving me when I committed the biggest blunder in my life when I unknowingly stopped God’s love and grace flow towards him.

To Gunjan Dubey for giving me sound advice not to trust anyone and not take anyone on face value.

To P Sai Krishna and Shri Bharat Dutt who taught me how to play basket ball in school the only game i know.

To Rakesh Prabhakaran and Ajnish Viswa Rai Prasad for making me part of the first dragon dance displayed in front of swami and fulfilling my desire to dance before God.

To Chidananda Reddy for teaching me that any  selfless service will give God immense joy.

To Sumeith Ramana and Vinod Reddy for giving me many opportunities to present cake to Lord on his birthdays a childhood dream which was fulfilled by them.

To Shri MG Nanda Gopal  & Sri Mahalingam, Dr Tata Rao, librarian  for giving me some of the best books to read.

To Shri B.K Mishra, Shri Gautam Dutt for teaching english poems so well, that I look to  poems for inspiration when I am down.

To Putta Satish for sharing with me his most priced  collection of “Book of Quotes”.

To NS Ramnath who taught me not to take studies too seriously.

To Dilip Chowdary for introducing me into world of music and trekking and exploring the beauty of Himalayas.

To Sri V Venkateswarlu who protected me from the harsh realities of school life in hostel.

To CG Sai Prakash for many  beautiful things that I cannot recollect.

To Katta Bhaskar for giving me tips to become a sports person and giving me tips of what to expect and avoid to have smooth life in Brindavan .

To Sri Chakravarthi Gopalan garu for introducing me to the world of energy healing.

To Dr.Raj Kumar Jain for teaching good behavior, table manners and etiquette.

To Dr V E Ramamurthy, N Shankaran, N RadhaSwami, Sri Tukaram Rao, Shri Ruchir Desai, Dr Naren Ramji, Sri Srinivasa Rangarajan, Dr Shiva Pandit.

To Shri Rajesh Pujara for giving interesting articles and videos to improve my general knowledge and understand life in general.he told me that the best investment is investing in oneself.

To G Satish Babu for creating interest in cell biology in school.

To Dr Shailesh Srivastava for creating interest in science of sound and teaching us Christmas carols.

To R Raghunatha Sharma for looking after my brother and help him to complete his studies in which he had no interest.

To Smt Munni Kaul, Prema Bhel, Kitchen Aunty, Sai Priya Sanagapati, Smt Shashi mam, Smt Prasoon Amaba for taking extra pains for bearing with me in primary school.

To Prof US Rao and Dr B Sai Giridhar for giving me opportunity to serve in maintenance cell.

To Louise L Hay whose books have inspired millions of people around the world and gave me the tools necessary to get back to normal life.

To Laurie Beth Jones whose book made me understand Jesus Christ so much better that no bible nor other Christian literature could have taught.

To Caroline Myss for giving me wonderful insights into the world of energy medicine and chakra healing .

To Barbara Ann Brennan for her research into the field of bioenergetic healing.

To Carl Jung’s  completely new insights and dimension to the world of psychology.

To Christine Delorey for helping to find the purpose of my life and help me understand people without probing their mind.

To  Alberto Palomares who revealed to me my past lives even the most famous shiva nadi could not reveal.

To Joanne Walmsley for revealing the true purpose of the universe and its working.

To Christian Jacq for kindling interest in world history  especially  ancient history (Egyptian).

To Harish Johari in making me understand the ancient art of living to lead a healthier, happier and joyous life.

To William J Baldwin for giving very deep insight into the working of spirits.To R Srinivasan who introduced me into the world of psychology and taught me basics of blogging and was kind enough to type introduction for my project during my Pg. and has been a constant source of strength and support.

To U Sathyajit Salian for giving me the most beautiful photo with God which I will cherish for the rest of my life. And for giving me the last chance to connect to God. and for organising management talks given by swami for one full month.

To K Rama Krishna for bringing sumptuous home-made food and taking us for long walks  and lending me his slender shoulder to rest when times were tough.

To Pradeep Kulashrestha who introduced me into the world of water resource management and spiritual literature especially upanishads and puranas.

To Hari Nanda Kumar for making us wake up to most beautiful music early in the morning and for giving me an opportunity to serve in audio visuals dept in school .

To B Hanumanth Rao  who introduced into the world of information technology and also gave me the first digital  camera, because of which we could take pictures of swami and when new  prashanthi nilayam was coming to life

To Shri BN Narasimha Murthy garu who showed me that God doesn’t play dice with his creation and he likes to  play  chess and  who introducing me to the works of Madame Helena Blavatsky and Vera Stanley Adler.

To Shri AV Lakshmi Narasimham garu for giving me two  bonus years to spend  with God which were the most beautiful and memorable part of my life.

To C.Srinivas garu for arranging the first Polio and General Medical camp in Prashanthi Nilayam In 1981 because of which 100’s of doctors could get the opportunity to get formally into Swami’s fold.

To Shri G Venkatraman Garu sending me few videos of Swami when I was on the verge of losing faith in God .

To Annam Shankar who revealed to me the most beautiful plan God had for this world and For giving me the opportunity  to participate in mandir activities and celebrations and rekindled my interest in cooking.

To Rameshwar Prusty for pushing me to test my limits physically, mentally , spiritually and  for having been my room mate for 14 years and guiding me in my work and who taught me basics of civil Engg esp. Construction.

To Mrs.Pramila Prusty for sending home made Delicious food when I used to fall sick quite frequently.

To Dr Pallav Baruah for waking me up on the morning of  First Golden Chariot Procession so that I could participate in pulling the chariot.

To Shri Sivarama Krishnaiah for introducing me into the beautiful world of chemistry, especially organic chemistry in school.

To N Nagaraju who introduced me to the life of Shirdi Sai Baba.

To C Seshu Prasad for giving me a peek into the world of hospital management the way this world runs .

To JS Uday kumar and K Krishna who used to let me have access to their collection of music and movies so that I could chill out after hectic work schedule and reconnect with my memories of my stay at primary school.

To Amitabh Das Gupta who introduced me into the world of retail business and employee relationship management.


To Sashi Kumar Nambiar & Sai Mohan Nambiar for giving me guided tour of the beautiful state of Kerala.

To YVCS Vijay for introducing me the world of dairy and organic farming and  who taught me that the universe is always manipulating and trying to bring you down and how to raise above it.

To P Rajesh who used to take me for long rides on his scooter and introduced me to world of mobile technology and the art of creative writing.

To V Srinivasulu for giving me the opportunity to be part of sssbpt exhibition.

To Aravind Balasubramanya for recording a video for me with Lord which I will cherish forever.


To Anantha Rao ex faculty Brindavan campus and Dr Shiva Shankar Sai for teaching Vedas during school days so that we could get chance to chant vedam during festival and to K Krishna for sharing  with us water drunk by Bhagawan after His Speeches.

To Sunil Kumar Pullukool for teaching me the power of mother goddess which helped me to connect with the feminine side of my being.

To TM Manjunath my room leader in brindavan who introduced me to Swami’s literature and writings.

To Grandhi Srinivas for sending me Jyothi meditation cds when I needed guidance from God ..

To Ranjit Kumar for giving me glimpses of the working of media and press.


To S Sai Manohar for having me taught me to use accounting software and giving insights into working of restaurants.


Javed Akhtar,Gulzar,Prasoon Joshi,Juhi Chaturvedi,Yash Chopra, Subhash Ghai,Majrooh Sultanpuri, SD & RD Burman,Sameer Pandey,Kumaar,Irshad Kamil,Amitabh Bhattacharya, Anvita Dutt Gupta,

To Aamir Khan, Alia Bhatt, Shahrukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, Anushka Sharma, Hrithik Roshan, Prabhas, Anushka Shetty,  Saif Ali Khan,Amol Palekar, Shahid Kapoor, Sidharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan, R Madhavan, Danush,Emraan Hashmi, Lisa Haydon, Sonali Bendre, Kareena Kapoor,Nani, Akshaye Khanna, Farhan Akhtar, Sharwanand, Nikhil, Kangana Ranaut, Ranbir Kapoor, Nimrat Kaur, Genelia d’Souza, Nargis Fakhri, Sriya Saran, Randeep Hooda, Vinay Phatak, Rajat Kapoor, John Abraham, Siddharth, Naseeruddin Shah, Anil Kapoor, Nana Patekar,Sunil Shetty,Jackie Shroff, Pankaj Kapoor,Tabu, Swaroop Sampat, Remo D’souza, Terence lewis, Ahmad Khan, Ganesh Hegde, Raghav Juyal,

To SG Challam for his excellent organising skills.

To Dr Vishwanath  lecture dept of physics for introducing me to the world of Bach medicine.

To all the Teachers and supporting staff of Primary School, Higher Secondary School, Brindavan Campus, and Faculty of School of Business Management and Finance.

To the Management and staff of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust, Sri Sathya Sai Bhakta Sahayak Sangh, Sathya Sai Audio Visual Trust,Sathya Sai Food Foundation, for their love and support.



MR Binny Bansal, Sam Pitroda, Captain Gopinath, Parag Agarwal, Kalyan Krishnamurthy, Gopal Garuda, Amit Agarwal, Bhavish Aggarwal, Nandan Nilekani, Sharada Sharma, Jack Maa, Anil  Khanna, Ramalinga Raju,

Devdutt Pattanaik,Rashmi Bansal,Aparna Piramal Raje,Akshat Agarwal,Shereen Bhan,Gagan Jain, Vikas Khatri,Raam Charan..

SS Rajamouli,Steven Spielberg,James Cameron, George Lucas, Sanjay Leela Bhansali,  K Vishvanath, K Raghavendra Rao,Rohit Shetty,Rajkumar Hirani, Ayan Mukherjee, S Shankar, Nitesh Tiwari, Kabir Khan, Subhash Ghai, Amole Gupte,Vishal Bharadwaj, Karan Johar, Imtiaz Ali, Mahesh Bhatt,Oliver Stone,Christopher Nolan, Sofia Coppola Mani Ratnam, Bhaskar Natarajan,Ram Gopal Verma,Shoojit Sarkar,Anurag Basu.

Leonardo Dicaprio,Matt Damon, Al Pacino, John Travolta, Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Samuel Jackson L,Morgan Freeman, Forest Whitaker, Laurence Fishburne,Danny Glover, Oprah Winfrey,Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise,Cameron Diaz,Andrew Hepburn, Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Conrad Bain, Gary Coleman, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Pierce Brosnan, Jeremy Brett, David Burke, Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kunal Nayyar, Kaley Cuoco, Wesley Snipes, Anthony Anderson.



Sonu Nigam,Shankar Mahadevan,Ravindra Sathe, Kishore Kumar, Gulshan Kumar, Hari Haran,Suresh Wadkar,Shaan,Arijit Singh, Jubin Nautiyal,Krishna Kumar(KK),Udit Narayan,Kumar Sanu, Anmol Malik, Shreya Ghoshal, Kavitha Krishnamurthi, Alka Yagnik, Sadhna Sargam, Hemlata, Vaishali Made, Pt Bhimsen Joshi, Lata Mangeshkar, Diljit Dosanjh, Asha Bhosle, Neeti Mohan, Shilpa Rao, Mahalakshmi Iyer,Chinmayi Sripada,Sunidhi Chauhan,Sadhana Sargam, Monali Thakur, Devaki Pandit, Papon, Sukhwinder Singh, Shekhar Ravjiani , Pritam Chakraborty, Amit Trivedi, Sajid- Wajid, Salim- Suleiman, Amaal Malik, Jatin- Lalit, Anu Malik,  Atif Aslam, Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Javed Ali, Mohammad Irfan.Celine Dion, Whitney Huston, Selena Gomez, Vivaldi, Yanni, Kenny G,.

Viswanathan Anand,Virat Kohli,Virendra Sehwag,Ajit Wadekar,  Kirmani,Dilip Vengsarkar, Mohinder amarnath, Sachin Tendulkar, VVS Laxman, PV Sindhu, Abhinav Bindra,Sushil Kumar,Anju Bobby George, P T Usha, Deepika Kumar,Anjali Bhagwat, Geet Sethi, Babita Phogat,  Ajay Jadeja ,Pankaj Advani, Sania Mirza,Sakshi Malik,Yogeshwar Dutt.

To Sri Ravi Teja,  S Kumar, Sanjeev Barbora, Santosh V Pai, P Radheyesh, , Kabir Bashiruddin, Shyam Kishore, Sonam Gyatso, Ronu Majumdar, Niladri Kumar, Shiva Kumar Sharma, Rahul Sharma, Paras Nath, P thyaga raju, Ashwin Basith, Amita Dalal, Abhijit Pohankar, Shomu Seal, Naveen Kumar, Pravin Godkhindi, Dr.Rama Chandra Rao, Phani Narayanan, Victor, Ashwin Srinivasan, Bikramjit Singh, Rupak Kulkarni , Balabhaskar, Hari Iyer, Rajesh Vaidya and many more whose music has soothed my soul.

and many more for their dedication to their work and their passion for Life.

To R.Srinivasan, P Manohar my technical guides for their kind suggestions and guidance.

To Lord Hanuman  for having taught me the best kept secret of the Universe.

To His Holiness Shri Paramahamsa Yogananda who came into my life unexpectedly and filled me with his Divine Love.

To The living Saint Sri Bhagavatpada Jagadguru Adi Shankara for inspiring me to follow his path.

To My Beloved Guru and Sage Shri Vishwamitra (the best among all gurus) for showing me my goal and for guiding me through the maze of life, for opening my inner eye of wisdom and finally leading me into light .

And finally To Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba  who gave me love and taught me that it is only faith in HIM in times of difficulties and happiness that will take you to places where  no man has gone before. Who taught me that my life’s purpose is to stand on my own legs and not to depend on anyone. and finally who laughs with, listens, and whispers to me still, my thanks . “I Pray You find My Life worthy of Your Name”.

My Thanksgiving to the Lord:
‘Thank You, Lord, for the profoundly meaningful, yet often difficult experiences in my life. From these I have emerged the victor, for You have blessed me with the inner strength and determination to master each and every obstacle I have encountered. I am grateful, too, for the older people in my life that have pointed the way when I was young, and sincerely cared about my welfare. As I get older myself, Lord, may I not begrudge the passing of time. Let me know that the companionship’s I share with others will grow richer, deeper, and more rewarding as the years go by.’

“For all the mighty deeds done by Hanumaan and great help rendered by him, Rama asked him: “Hanumaan! What reward can I give you? Apart from expressing my gratitude to you I cannot give you any fitting recompense. The only way I can show my gratitude to you is that whenever you think of me at any time in your life, I shall appear before you.” Rama was showing his gratitude to Hanumaan in this manner.”

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Speaks, vol 28,chapter 8

“The One who loves you will never leave you because even if there are .. 100 reasons to give up He will still find one reason to Hold on” and that is GOD and  BHAGAWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA for me.


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