I have been blessed by  Sri Sathya Sai Baba to be a part of his mission, though i was initiated into his on 19-07-1973 which happens to be my birthday which falls on Thursday a day that is loved by  Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Thursday is an auspicious day to worship our Guru, on this day the Guru can be pleased easily and he accepts the prayer of those who wholeheartedly surrender their thoughts words and deeds.

He gave me the opportunity to be near Him from 1986- 2011, he allowed me to observe, study and understand Him from close quarters.

He gave me the opportunity to be a part of his organisation (Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust and Allied Institutions) that directly carry forth His Message of Love and Service.

During this time I committed 5 mistakes for which I have not forgiven myself till this date as it not only harmed my personal reputation and that of my family but also of that of the organisation that I have studied and worked but also brought a bad name to the founder of the organisation, namely Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

It was during one of those Trayee Brindavan sessions one fine day Bhagawan brought an envelope containing a bundle of 50 rupees notes. I was sitting in the second or third row, Swami said if I give this 50 rupee notes now. in course of time you will all become millionaires.  Bhagawan looked at everybody for sometime and suddenly got up and started handing down notes to selected students. After some time he had only one note left and he came and stood in front of me. I did not notice him as I kept both my hands on his feet. He kept waving a 50 rupee note in front of my eyes which I did not notice, then a student who was sitting by my side alerted me. But I still did not take the note from His hand. After some time, the Satan must have entered my mind and I pulled the note from Swami’s hand, I didn’t know whether it was for me or not. That night I felt guilty.   I couldn’t sleep at all. The first thing after I got up in the morning, I sat in the front of the altar and cried bitterly asking for forgiveness. I wrote a letter to Swami to forgive me for my shortcoming. Incidentally, I got the first line and sat directly under Swami’s feet.  I was holding the letter. Swami saw but didn’t respond. Finally, just before the session got over He took the letter and and read the contents (I had written :Dearest Bhagawan, I am very sorry. I should have held on to your feet but something happened and I took the note from your hand. When I have the Creator of this Universe in front of me, I ran after His creation). He took the 50 rupee note that was kept in the letter, with stern face He handed back the letter and the 50 rupees note. But I refused to take it back. Finally with a smiling face, He said : You can have both, I was only testing you.


One of the finest moments with Sri Sathya Sai In Trayee Brindavan

Later  I joined His organisation, they used to give me a  descent salary.  My mother, being a devoted person, didn’t want me to spend the money given by Bhagawan. Instead, she asked me keep all the salary given by Bhagawan in fixed deposits and she asked my father to give me double the salary given by the organisation as my pocket money. She used to get all my clothes  stitched and sent by courier. A part of that money, I invested in mutual funds and forgot about it. When I had to leave Puttaparthi, I forgot to take many things with me because my mind was totally disturbed and blank.

Then, one fine day we had Bhajans at my place. After the Bhajans were over, a person was waiting in front of my house asking for details of the person mentioned in the letter he held with him. He had been searching for nearly an hour but was unsuccessful. He then approaches me. When I look at the letter, I tell him its me. Then he comes with all the documents and asks me to redeem the mutual funds and suggests me to invest in some good funds. This gentleman had come newly as the manager of Way2Wealth financial services.  His first duty was to find people who had used their services but had not claimed their money. The investment I had made in 1997 had grown by 500%. in 2017. I withdrew the money and a gentleman from another financial investment firm suggests to me to keep the amount in Fixed Term Insurance plans and that amount will grow by another 400 % by the end of 7 years and that the income will be tax-free.


I thanked God for remembering me and keeping his promise.



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