The Significance of a Woman’s Tears

This is a beautiful story as well as a lesson worth learning. The story starts when a little boy tries to find out why his mother, and all women, cry. It gave me quite a lot to feel, as well as to think about.  I am sorry mama I made you cry so many times and had to face so many difficulties.

“There are some mothers who feed the baby only when it starts crying. The more considerate and loving type of mother knows when the baby is hungry; she need not be called to its side by a loud wail. This Sai Matha is that type of mother. I have come because I felt I had to come; I resolved upon this. There is no need now for tears or despair, either among the repositories of the Vedic wisdom or among the good who suffer from the cruel winds of adharma. This campaign will succeed; it will not fail. The welfare of the world will be ensured through the fostering of the godly everywhere, and more particularly of these reservoirs of the ancient wisdom of this land.”

“Give the world only secondary importance; the primary place should be reserved for loosening its coils. The Jagadjanani (Mother of the Universe) will hurry towards you and caress you only when you cast off the dolls and cry. Yearn from the very depths of the heart, yearn with your whole being. Leave no sesham (balance) of attachment in the mind; then only can you get the grace of Sesha-saayee —He who reclines on the Supernal Psychic Serpent.”

As said by Sathya Sai Baba

















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