“The different Avatars reinforce the idea that rules and regulations that maintain order are not static by nature. They are forged when the demands of desire clash with the quest for order. As man’s understanding of the world changes, desires change and so do concepts of order. Rules have to therefore constantly adapt themselves. Social stability must not be compromised, yet new ideas must be respected. Incarnations are not just about reestablishing order. It is also about redefining them.”— Dr Devdutt Pattanaik, Popular mythologist


The Scientific Theory Of Evolution(by Charles Darwin)
The scientific theory of evolution states that life on earth began as single celled organism (amoeba) and later developed into multi celled beings. Moreover, the theory further states that aquatic creatures came into existence first. Then came amphibians that could exist in water as well as on land. Land dependent animals and airborne birds . Finally, human beings (supposedly the Crest Jewel of God’s Creation) completed the cosmic drama of creation.

The Biology Class In Bhajan Hall:

As most of you who have visited the bhajan hall must have witnessed the statues of the 10 incarnations of lord Vishnu….. I am referring to the one in Prasanthi Nilayam. This was a place where I spent most of my student days.

I was never much interested in studies, Not that studying was boring or something , but having to memorize things which we will not be of much use in the future looked like a great burden. “If something is interesting you don’t have to make efforts to remember, it automatically gets registered” was my philosophy.


Coming to the point, it was Sunday morning all the school students including myself were seated inside bhajan hall. The next day was the unit test starting with biology. The ninth standard syllabus for biology was a bit too much to digest, we had to remember the “Mendel’s theory of Inheritance” and “Darwin’s theory of Evolution” , Tissues in plant and animals, food and nutrition, etc.and all the other stuff which never registered in my memory how much ever I tried. My friends were mugging (sorry for being so crude) I should say they were rather memorizing all that has been taught in the class. That morning i was forced to skip breakfast (because I got up late) and was feeling very tired and sleepy. Imagine learning something boring on an empty stomach. Never try such a thing; you will never savor such an experience.


As the time passed there was lot of noise around and it was becoming unbearably hot and sweaty. I don’t know what happened, I was feeling drowsy and finally I fell asleep. Time passed and suddenly I was dreaming ………(day dreaming)!!!!

“For instance, life has evolved from matter and mind has evolved from life. What is meant by matter? Matter is that which is encased in life. Consider the example of paddy. As long as the rice grain is covered by husk it is called paddy. When the husk is removed it becomes rice. Paddy has the power to germinate as long as the husk remains. Likewise, the vital principle is contained in matter. It may thus be seen that life came from matter. Likewise, the mind evolved from life. Today men are prepared to recognise that mind evolved from life and life from matter. But they are not ready to go beyond this stage in human evolution. Human evolution cannot be complete unless it goes beyond the mind.”

“There is no difference between one kind of consciousness and the other. All consciousness is alike because it is a manifestation of Brahman (the Absolute). It is Brahman that has manifested Itself as the Cosmos. The doctrine of evolution is being discussed widely and widely accepted. But one should try to understand how evolution takes place in Nature. Evolution in Nature is really the gradual unfoldment of the inherent powers of Nature.”

                                              what Sri Sathya Sai Baba has to say about “Theory Of Evolution”


The dream was an extremely wonderful experience in which I learnt a very nice lesson which I vividly remember till date.

Continuing with my dream …….

………I saw all the incarnations of Vishnu coming one by one and their significance was becoming clear to me…..

Matsya i.e the fish incarnation of Vishnu which saved the Vedas and the Seven sages during the Great deluge. Then I realized that life began in sea.


Kurma i.e the tortoise incarnation which helped in the churning of ocean to get the immortal ambrosia. And various other gifts that man has benefited including the modern day ayurveda. Then I realized that tortoise is an amphibian which means that life must have slowly moved away from water to live on land.


Varaha i.e the boar incarnation which saved Mother Earth from being hidden away by Hiranyaksha in the great waters. The boar represents the physical strength of an animal without much intelligence.


Narasimha i.e. the lion incarnation which come to destroy Hiranyakashyap. The lion represents the lord of the animal kingdom.


Vamana i.e. the baby incarnation of the lord for sending away the demon king Bali into the nether world. This is the dawn of the human form in the evolution.


Parasurama i.e. the incarnation of the lord for the destruction of the evil kshatriyas. The weapon yielding which represents the predominance of animalistic nature ( anger ) in the human form


Rama i.e the incarnation of the lord born for the destruction of Ravana the demon king. Rama represented the ideal character He is perfect in every aspect; the perfect man, the perfect husband, the perfect brother, the perfect king ,even though he is represented as a perfect human being he has mastered only the 16 out of the 64 arts as described by the scriptures. Thus he doesn’t represent a complete Human being.


Krishna this incarnation came at time when the world became more complex. This incarnation not only had to deal with external enemies of the state but also the enemies within the state. He was supposed to have mastered all the 64 arts that were and was the darling of all mankind. He represents the culmination of human existence. What every human desires to be…. “THE COMPLETE MAN”.


Buddha having enjoyed the world and all its pleasures and being tossed in the ocean of samsara , it is now time to renounce the world and to finally discover the Divine spark within each one of us, so as to being the final journey towards God.


Kalki He didn’t reveal anything to me hence I cannot comment about it.

And finally the dream was over

When I heard the bell ringing and to my utter surprise the bhajan secession was already over and the Aarthi had just began I stood on my feet and I was feeling so refreshed and happy that I learnt something new.


Post Unit Test:

All of you who have read the post must be wondering how I would have fared the unit test, luckily nothing about Darwin’s theory of evolution was asked most of the questions were from food and nutrition which I answered reasonably well and ensured that my marks card was not in red when it reached my parents.

Matsya – fish Aquatic form
Koorma – tortoise Amphibian( moving away from water)
Varaha – boar Beginning of Land animals
Narasimha – lion Lord of the animals
Vaman – small boy Beginning of homo sapiens
Parashuram – man with an axe Human with animalistic nature (predominance)
Rama – Moral man Family and social life
Krishna – Philosophical man Complete man
Buddha – Teacher Beginning of Spiritual life

Few other lessons that I learnt in the biology class which are still helpful in my daily life.

1) Be as simple as the Amoeba you will survive the toughest of times and situations. It is the only living thing that has survived since the beginning of time.


my elder brother got a chance to sit with a few students in the interview room along with Sri Sathya Sai Baba and the Vice Chancellor of SRI Sathya Sai Institute Of Higher Learning Mr Sampat. During the course of interactions with Swami Mr Sampat told Swami Your organisation is so big and i am so small, how can i survive,then Bhagawan in his own inimitable style replied “in the Ocean of life it is only the smallest boat that has got the largest rate of survival”,
2) However strong or however intelligent you may be if you do not adapt to the changing situations then your survival becomes difficult. eg the survival of the dinosaurs was threatened by their lack of adaptability to the changing situations.


Some other interesting facts I learnt later in life about the incarnations:

Cosmology and Astrology
“It is not a mere allegory but an archetypal story describing the incarnations or emanations of living and conscious evolutionary forces. The appearance of the Avatars is also not a random event but a cosmological necessity. The periodic manifestation of the Avatars is determined by their inherent association with the ‘Time-Spirit.’ They take birth at particular points in the cosmic cycle which correspond to the earth’s passage through the zodiacal ages—- Robert E Wilkinson, Cosmologist and Astrologer




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