Tare Zameen Par ……U & ME

“The difference between Great People and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is the difference between living fully and just existing.”


– Michael Gerber

When I first heard about Tare Zameen Par, I was wondering what the STARS are doing on this EARTH.
The literal translation of TZP in English is “STARS ON EARTH”. Only after seeing TZP did I realize what Stars like AAmir Khan can do…….

Firstly they bring tears to your eyes, which have otherwise dried up ,

Wake you up from deep slumber…….

Shape your imagination ……………

Move (u.a.s a verb) you with their performance


Relevant but Out Of Context :
In one the reviews on mouth shut by “Whirlmind friends” a mention was made about rat race and i want to share my insight on this……

“The trouble with the rat race is even if you win you still remain a rat”.—Lilly Tomlin

No wonder “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson. The book follows the life of two rats as they deal with their longing for cheese and is a parable intended to help one deal with change quickly and prevail. Offering readers a simple way to progress in their work and lives. Was the New York Times “best selling book”, and remained on the “Top 10 books” of the Publishers Weekly for almost 200 weeks,




A Thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed-Henrik ibsen

Thanks and Three cheers to Amole Gupte, AAmir Khan, and his dedicated team for giving us Tare Zameen Par. This movie has brought about a cathartic release of human emotions that have been suppressed for a long, long time among all classes of people be it young, old, men, women, children, educated, uneducated u name it. The film depicts the travails of a young child having to cope up with dyslexia and the communication barrier that exists amongst the parent, teacher and child, and how it all gets resolved amicably because of an Understanding Teacher”.

A simple story presented in such a realistic way with apt lyrics and soulful music and beautiful cinematography. It probably the best of talent and team work and the inspired leadership of several people that has culminated into such a beautiful piece of work.” Hence a “Block-Buster” (pun intended) of course it did burst many emotion and mental blocks in me.

Amir khan has once again proved to all that when there is “Passion”, “Commitment” “Dedication” and “Team Work” there is bound to be a “Master Piece”.

At this juncture I am reminded of a quote from “JESUS CEO”..


“Great People Inspire Others To The Extent,That They Inspire Themselves.”

Its indeed very true……..

A few Facts Or Myth…”U” have to love them anyway

1) Each one is special and has a purpose and he /she require time and space to grow up. There is no point in imposing your ideas and thoughts upon him/her.

2) The child requires and looks out for an “Understanding Mind” and a “Loving Heart” especially from the parents, siblings etc….

3) The child requires more of an emotional care rather than intellectual care in the formative period. It is better you give or you will lose something precious.

4) Elders always have the “Best Intentions” for you, whether they make the “Right Decisions” or not.

5) Elders think that they alone are capable of making a “Right Choices”.

6) You can make a life/living in this world only by sheer academics excellence.


……because your elders think they have more “Wisdom and Experience” and they think they have “A Right ” over you.

They think they know or understand “The World” much better than you can…….may be true.

But they hardly get to know or see Your World.

But you cannot give them up so easily, for they are the representatives of “GOD” on earth and they have a special role to play in your LIFE.


What does Tare Zameen has To do with “U” & “ME”

Why Tare Zameen struck many cords in me.…….I thought it was my own story being depicted so beautifully, the only difference was that I was not “dyslexic” and there were no “songs” in my life, rather I should say that I had taken “my life for a song” and hence had to face a “lot of music”..

TZP and my life:starting with the school bus, returning home, sliding on the gate, playing with dogs, getting bullied by others, punishment in school, red marks in report card, bunking classes and taking a walk in the city. Getting thrashed at home and at school, the train scene getting lost in the crowd, luckily for Nanda Kishore Avasthi it was a dream, but for me I actually got lost in Dharwad, when I was coming to write the entrance exam for the boarding school. Then getting admitted to boarding school, admission into the boarding school, parents meeting, the home sickness, crying in the bathroom, feeling of loneliness, etc…. it was “Same To Same”.

And finally the understanding teacher “RAM SHANKAR NIKUMBH” came in the form of ………..??????

Yes , he did come in the form of Sri. D S HABBU the then Principal, who not only “INSPIRED” us with his “TALKS” but also “INSTILLED” in us “FAITH in GOD and in OURSELVES ” & “FEAR of SIN” with his remarkable style “The Stick and the Smiling Face”.


My many thanks to him, He made learning a pleasurable experience for us. WE express our “Deepest Gratitude” to him and all other teachers who made it possible in the “Journey of Life”.

In conclusion: Love your parents anyway, you never know which “STAR” will change your life.


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