Quotes You Should Adopt in Your life

Mr.B.Vinay Kumar

Most of us live by a motto, whether it’s one we’re taught or one we’ve developed over time. For example, a close friend of mine lives by his two self-created rules of “Don’t be a jerk” and “Be a homie,” which I wish I had come up with first.  However, with all the great quotes out there  it’s difficult to embrace just one as your day-to-day mantra.  Here are 10 quotes you should consider adopting in your everyday life:

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Tare Zameen Par ……U & ME

“The difference between Great People and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is the difference between living fully and just existing.”


– Michael Gerber

When I first heard about Tare Zameen Par, I was wondering what the STARS are doing on this EARTH.
The literal translation of TZP in English is “STARS ON EARTH”. Only after seeing TZP did I realize what Stars like AAmir Khan can do…….

Firstly they bring tears to your eyes, which have otherwise dried up ,

Wake you up from deep slumber…….

Shape your imagination ……………

Move (u.a.s a verb) you with their performance


Relevant but Out Of Context :
In one the reviews on mouth shut by “Whirlmind friends” a mention was made about rat race and i want to share my insight on this……

“The trouble with the rat race is even if you win you still remain a rat”.—Lilly Tomlin

No wonder “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson. The book follows the life of two rats as they deal with their longing for cheese and is a parable intended to help one deal with change quickly and prevail. Offering readers a simple way to progress in their work and lives. Was the New York Times “best selling book”, and remained on the “Top 10 books” of the Publishers Weekly for almost 200 weeks,




A Thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed-Henrik ibsen

Thanks and Three cheers to Amole Gupte, AAmir Khan, and his dedicated team for giving us Tare Zameen Par. This movie has brought about a cathartic release of human emotions that have been suppressed for a long, long time among all classes of people be it young, old, men, women, children, educated, uneducated u name it. The film depicts the travails of a young child having to cope up with dyslexia and the communication barrier that exists amongst the parent, teacher and child, and how it all gets resolved amicably because of an Understanding Teacher”.

A simple story presented in such a realistic way with apt lyrics and soulful music and beautiful cinematography. It probably the best of talent and team work and the inspired leadership of several people that has culminated into such a beautiful piece of work.” Hence a “Block-Buster” (pun intended) of course it did burst many emotion and mental blocks in me.

Amir khan has once again proved to all that when there is “Passion”, “Commitment” “Dedication” and “Team Work” there is bound to be a “Master Piece”.

At this juncture I am reminded of a quote from “JESUS CEO”..


“Great People Inspire Others To The Extent,That They Inspire Themselves.”

Its indeed very true……..

A few Facts Or Myth…”U” have to love them anyway

1) Each one is special and has a purpose and he /she require time and space to grow up. There is no point in imposing your ideas and thoughts upon him/her.

2) The child requires and looks out for an “Understanding Mind” and a “Loving Heart” especially from the parents, siblings etc….

3) The child requires more of an emotional care rather than intellectual care in the formative period. It is better you give or you will lose something precious.

4) Elders always have the “Best Intentions” for you, whether they make the “Right Decisions” or not.

5) Elders think that they alone are capable of making a “Right Choices”.

6) You can make a life/living in this world only by sheer academics excellence.


……because your elders think they have more “Wisdom and Experience” and they think they have “A Right ” over you.

They think they know or understand “The World” much better than you can…….may be true.

But they hardly get to know or see Your World.

But you cannot give them up so easily, for they are the representatives of “GOD” on earth and they have a special role to play in your LIFE.


What does Tare Zameen has To do with “U” & “ME”

Why Tare Zameen struck many cords in me.…….I thought it was my own story being depicted so beautifully, the only difference was that I was not “dyslexic” and there were no “songs” in my life, rather I should say that I had taken “my life for a song” and hence had to face a “lot of music”..

TZP and my life:starting with the school bus, returning home, sliding on the gate, playing with dogs, getting bullied by others, punishment in school, red marks in report card, bunking classes and taking a walk in the city. Getting thrashed at home and at school, the train scene getting lost in the crowd, luckily for Nanda Kishore Avasthi it was a dream, but for me I actually got lost in Dharwad, when I was coming to write the entrance exam for the boarding school. Then getting admitted to boarding school, admission into the boarding school, parents meeting, the home sickness, crying in the bathroom, feeling of loneliness, etc…. it was “Same To Same”.

And finally the understanding teacher “RAM SHANKAR NIKUMBH” came in the form of ………..??????

Yes , he did come in the form of Sri. D S HABBU the then Principal, who not only “INSPIRED” us with his “TALKS” but also “INSTILLED” in us “FAITH in GOD and in OURSELVES ” & “FEAR of SIN” with his remarkable style “The Stick and the Smiling Face”.


My many thanks to him, He made learning a pleasurable experience for us. WE express our “Deepest Gratitude” to him and all other teachers who made it possible in the “Journey of Life”.

In conclusion: Love your parents anyway, you never know which “STAR” will change your life.



Some of the seeds of hope

Planted tentatively in the fall

Have not come up

They will lie still born and unrealized

Somewhere in the spring soil



The strongest and best ones

Pushed up through the leaves

And layers of cold , hard resistance

Right into the clear blue air

And they stand there nakedly green



It’s always that way with growing things

Never knowing at the start

Which will make and which will fall

But the thing to hold fast to

Never to lose faith in

Is simply




–ANN NORTH (r.w.p)




“Dont Let Things Happen, Make Them Happen.”


“The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.” —- Alan Ashley-Pitt


Viswanathan Anand is one of those rare breed of sports personalities who has put India on the world map in the Game called Chess. The quality I admire about him is not only the fire in his belly to win laurels for the country and for himself. But the poised charm and dignity he carries around himself unlike others. He is a sports person whom many would like to idolize.


Chess is one of the most ancient games believed to have originated – at the court of the Caliph Haroun al-Rashid in Baghdad ten centuries ago that has survived the ravages of time. Many battles have been won and lost without shedding a drop of blood….thanks to Chess.

Chess is game of pure reason, without luck or chance or subjectivity. Writers, scientists, musicians and artists have all been drawn to the game and taken succour from it. Benjamin Franklin asserted that it improved basic human qualities such as foresight, caution and perseverance.

As Benjamin Franklin wrote once:

“The Game of chess is not merely an idle amusement. Several very valuable qualities of the mind, useful in the course of human life, are to be acquired and strengthened by it, so as to become habits ready on all occasions; for life is a kind of chess, in which we have points to gain, and competition or adversaries to contend with, and in which there is a vast variety of good and ill events, that are, in some degree, the effect of prudence, or want of it.


Chess has been the exemplar of the best and most noble of human endeavours, and also its worst excesses. The struggle between virtue and tyranny, truth and falsehood, it perfectly represents on the board itself, Two opposed sides fighting out the eternal conflict between good and bad, Black And White.


In fact, the game of chess has so many parallels in our world it is probably the most analogous board game ever invented.

What lessons can a game of chess teach us about life?

Just like the chess board, Life is to be played within the confines of the wide spectrum of black and white i.e good and bad; there are no shades of gray. No wonder that till date the colors of the chess board have not changed. What NO creativity in this area folks!!!!!

The first rule in the game of life is to love the game and then to love the players and before all this love yourself and your current position in the game of your life. And from there just learn to play on from there.


You need not answer and fight everyone who comes in your path or tries to lure you. Be focussed and move on. Don’t give in to distractions.

Survival in the key in the game of life . Think ahead and plan for the future have a back up plan. anticipate possible outcomes of your action. Work up a back plan and an exit strategy. In life this is the most fundamental of all exercises.


Time is a limiting factor in life and so we have to play the game within the allotted time.

Just as man becomes complete when he masters the 64 arts as prescribed by the scriptures to be a complete. So to the pieces on the chessboard have to move within the confines of the 64 squares to accomplish anything, is it by any chance a coincidence.!!

Whatever role is given to us, it should play perfectly; never seek to play the role not given to you, even if roles others play may seem to be more glamorous than yours. Once your role is over you may be given a better role depending upon your ability and performance. Eg a pawn once it moves to the other end becomes a bishop or minister depending upon its placement.


Sometimes we must make sensible sacrifices so that the end can be achieved without much struggle. Also compromising when it is best for the welfare of others shows that we are capable of teamwork.


It teaches to remember our mistakes and improve upon them. Think before you move. Think about what? Possibilities and outcomes. You’ll make better decisions. You’ll get better results.

In this Universe there is a hierarchy and it must be respected.

Each one is unique and has powers allotted to him. Don’t undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others. It is because we are different that each one of us is special.


We all have to work within constraints and there is nothing called free will.

You will always face opposition and what counts is how you overcome it.

In life every body is given something good and something bad it how we balance our life that makes all the difference.

W It allows you to open up your mind to various possibilities life has to offer. If one has a closed mind even God cannot help.


Helps to choose our friends wisely. For eg, a good friend, is about the most important thing you can have in this world, and if you ever get a chance to demonstrate your loyalty to a close friend, you should do it. And if you ever get an opportunity to benefit yourself at your friend’s expense, you should definitely resist that temptation. With this basic principle, your life will be richer and happier because you are a human being no matter what philosophy you subscribe to, if you don’t have at least one true friend, your chances of being healthy and happy are nil. And having lots of friends also will reduce your happiness. You cannot be a good friend to many people. You can be a fair acquaintance, but none of us has enough time to be a close friend, a true friend, a good friend to more than a few.

We also learn by the habit of not being discouraged by present bad appearances in the state of our affairs; the habit of hoping for a favorable chance, and that of persevering in the secrets of resources. Resources are limited. We have to use the resources given to us wisely

In the end the king and pawn go back into the same box.


Life is governed by set of rules. Learning the rules is one thing. But learning how to play by the rules is another thing altogether. In life you don’t have to know all the rules. But, that doesn’t mean you stop playing. You learn with kicks and with experience.


In life we are occasionally tempted with small and trivial positions. These small offers will act as baits to draw you into vulnerable positions and to expose your weaknesses. Do not fall for these – they have the potential to ruin you. Always be focused on your long term objectives and resist the distractions of these momentary temptations


Life is not a race, but a journey to be savored each step of the way.


TOP ten medical innovations for the year 2017 revealed… and their cure…

More than 1,700 healthcare stakeholders gathered in Cleveland, October 24–26, 2016, to discuss the latest medical breakthroughs and make new connections to spark future awe-inspiring innovations.

Now in its 14th year, Cleveland Clinic’s Medical Innovation Summit is the oldest and largest meeting of its kind in healthcare. The perennial highlight? The unveiling of the top 10 medical advancements for the coming year — those that Cleveland Clinic experts predict will catient care forever.

Here are their picks for 2017, in order of anticipated importance:

  1. Using the microbiome to prevent, diagnose and treat disease

Microbes in our bodies — and the chemicals they emit — interfere with the way food is digested, medicine is deployed and even how a disease progresses.

according to Western Medicine

Biotech companies once focused on the genomic market are pivoting to the potential of the microbiome to develop new diagnostics, new therapies and “probiotic” products to prevent dangerous microbe imbalances.

With the National Microbiome Initiative’s accelerating research and development, experts believe 2017 is the year the microbiome becomes the healthcare industry’s most promising and lucrative frontier.

“according to the ancient indian tradition of healing the use of Raw untreated Honey and copper vessals for drinking water has gone to show  a long way in reducing the effects of microbes in the body”

  1. Diabetes drugs that reduce cardiovascular disease and death

Half of patients with Type 2 diabetes will die from complications of cardiovascular disease. On their 65th birthdays, the odds go up to 70 percent.

In 2016, two new medications began reducing the mortality rates considerably. Empagliflozin modifies the progression of heart disease by working with the kidney while liraglutide has a comprehensive effect on many organs.

Given these positive results, experts predict 2017 will mark a complete shift in the lineup of medicines prescribed for diabetes patients — as well as a wave of research into new avenues targeting Type 2 diabetes and its comorbidities.

the best way to avoid diabetes is to  firstly avoid sugary drinks and beverages and  secondly to avoid sugar processed by sulphur. because it was found out that the presence of sulphur in the blood stream causes the release of  excess  of insulin into the bloodstream..

  1. Cellular immunotherapy to treat leukemia and lymphomas

One of the first cellular immunotherapies for leukemia and non-Hodgkin lymphomas is about to hit the market. Chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapies are a type of immunotherapy where a patient’s immune system T-cells are removed and genetically reprogrammed to seek and destroy tumor cells.

Results have been impressive. Some studies focusing on acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) have reported a remission rate of 90 percent.

This groundbreaking treatment is expected to be presented to the FDA in 2017 for treatment of ALL. That could trigger a wave of approvals for other blood cancers and lymphomas as well. Cellular immunotherapy could one day replace chemotherapy and its lifetime of side effects.

“there is already a cure for leukemia in the ancient indian medicine that is the gomatra or the cow urine.”

  1. Liquid biopsies to find circulating tumor DNA

Tests known as “liquid biopsies” uncover signs of actual DNA, or cell-free circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA), which is shed from a tumor into the bloodstream. This ctDNA is more than 100 times more abundant in the blood than tumor cells.

While studies are still underway, annual sales of this revolutionary cancer test are forecast to be $10 billion. Several companies are developing testing kits to hit the market this year.

Liquid biopsy is being hailed as a flagship technology of the federal government’s Cancer Moonshot Initiative. Experts believe it’s only a matter of time before catching and treating cancer is as routine as an annual checkup.

“there is a cure for the cancer in the ancient indian medicine i.e reprocessed cow urine it has reduced the suffering of patients by  about 75% and increased the life span by 6 to 7 years.”

  1. Automated car safety features and driverless capabilities

With more than 38,000 fatal car crashes in the U.S. in 2015, automobile accidents remain a leading cause of death and disability — not to mention a major expense. Annual medical costs are nearly $23 billion.

New automatic safety features promise to make a dent in dangerous car accidents. These range from collision warning systems to drowsiness alerts to adaptive cruise control. More are coming. Safety technology is expected to surge in 2017, a year before the U.S. Department of Transportation mandates backup cameras in all cars.

Meanwhile, there is a grander notion to remove all human error from vehicle transportation. The nation’s biggest software, private transportation and auto manufacturing companies are making huge investments in driverless cars. Safety and legal questions remain, but 2017 is expected to be the year that driverless cars enter the mainstream.

  1. Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources

It has become increasingly difficult to safely and efficiently share patient data between healthcare providers. In-house information technology (IT) systems have become so diverse, that it’s hard for them to communicate with each other.

FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), a new tool developed according to Health Level Seven (HL7) standards, will act as an interpreter between two healthcare systems or offices. The first release will focus on clinical data, like images and medications, while the second will focus on administrative data, like billing and demographics.

FHIR blazes the way for a surge of life-saving health information technology.

  1. Ketamine for treatment-resistant depression

For one-third of U.S. patients with depression, standard medications aren’t enough. With nearly 43,000 suicides a year, the need for effective treatment looms large.

In 2013, ketamine, a drug commonly used for anesthesia, was studied for its ability to target and inhibit the action of N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors of nerve cells. The results were overwhelmingly favorable. Studies indicated that 70 percent of patients with treatment-resistant depression saw an improvement in symptoms within 24 hours of receiving ketamine. For the first time, there was a fast treatment for the severely depressed.

The studies prompted the FDA to grant fast-track status for the development of new NMDA-receptor-targeting medications. Some, like esketamine, have received breakthrough designation from the FDA, making it more likely that they will become available to patients in 2017.

“the best way to treat depression is to create a healthy support system for the patient with regulated diet and extra curricular activities.”

  1. 3-D visualization and augmented reality for surgery

Surgeons rely on microscope oculars or other camera systems to operate. However, they typically depend on their own eyes and interpretations to execute the most precise tasks — with their heads down, peripheral vision limited, and back and neck muscles strained.

This past year, two of the most intricate surgical fields, neurosurgery and retinal microsurgery, began experimenting with technology that keeps surgeons’ heads up while immersing them in a high-resolution, 3-D visual representation of their subject. These stereoscopic systems also use data to generate visual templates for surgeons to execute certain tasks.

Those who have piloted the technology say the added comfort and visual information will allow surgeons to operate more efficiently and effectively. Several hospitals will be adopting these virtual reality tools in 2017.

  1. Self-administered HPV test

Most sexually active women contract human papillomavirus (HPV). Certain strains of HPV are responsible for 99 percent of cases of cervical cancer.

Despite great strides in HPV prevention and treatment, the benefits are restricted to a small population — women with access to HPV tests and vaccines.

To expand access, scientists have developed self-administered HPV test kits that include a test tube, a swab and a mail-in box. Women can administer their own test, mail a sample back to a lab and be alerted to dangerous strains of HPV.

Experts believe 2017 will be the year these tests are deployed on a large scale, representing the biggest prevention effort for cervical cancer to date.

“HIV can be totally avoided through better sexual habits”the  lower intestine and anus contains  around 200 billion deadly viruses.

  1. Bioabsorbable stents

Every year, 600,000 people have metal coronary stents put into their chests to treat coronary artery blockage. Most of the time, that stent stays there forever, long after its mission is complete. The stents can make some scans and future surgeries difficult and may cause other complications, like blood clots.

But what if they could just disappear?

This past July, the first bioabsorbable stent was approved in the United States. Made of a naturally dissolving polymer, the stent widens the clogged artery for two years before it is absorbed into the body in a manner similar to dissolvable sutures.

Experts believe the market potential of bioabsorbable stents will approach $2 billion within six years.


“The different Avatars reinforce the idea that rules and regulations that maintain order are not static by nature. They are forged when the demands of desire clash with the quest for order. As man’s understanding of the world changes, desires change and so do concepts of order. Rules have to therefore constantly adapt themselves. Social stability must not be compromised, yet new ideas must be respected. Incarnations are not just about reestablishing order. It is also about redefining them.”— Dr Devdutt Pattanaik, Popular mythologist


The Scientific Theory Of Evolution(by Charles Darwin)
The scientific theory of evolution states that life on earth began as single celled organism (amoeba) and later developed into multi celled beings. Moreover, the theory further states that aquatic creatures came into existence first. Then came amphibians that could exist in water as well as on land. Land dependent animals and airborne birds . Finally, human beings (supposedly the Crest Jewel of God’s Creation) completed the cosmic drama of creation.

The Biology Class In Bhajan Hall:

As most of you who have visited the bhajan hall must have witnessed the statues of the 10 incarnations of lord Vishnu….. I am referring to the one in Prasanthi Nilayam. This was a place where I spent most of my student days.

I was never much interested in studies, Not that studying was boring or something , but having to memorize things which we will not be of much use in the future looked like a great burden. “If something is interesting you don’t have to make efforts to remember, it automatically gets registered” was my philosophy.


Coming to the point, it was Sunday morning all the school students including myself were seated inside bhajan hall. The next day was the unit test starting with biology. The ninth standard syllabus for biology was a bit too much to digest, we had to remember the “Mendel’s theory of Inheritance” and “Darwin’s theory of Evolution” , Tissues in plant and animals, food and nutrition, etc.and all the other stuff which never registered in my memory how much ever I tried. My friends were mugging (sorry for being so crude) I should say they were rather memorizing all that has been taught in the class. That morning i was forced to skip breakfast (because I got up late) and was feeling very tired and sleepy. Imagine learning something boring on an empty stomach. Never try such a thing; you will never savor such an experience.


As the time passed there was lot of noise around and it was becoming unbearably hot and sweaty. I don’t know what happened, I was feeling drowsy and finally I fell asleep. Time passed and suddenly I was dreaming ………(day dreaming)!!!!

“For instance, life has evolved from matter and mind has evolved from life. What is meant by matter? Matter is that which is encased in life. Consider the example of paddy. As long as the rice grain is covered by husk it is called paddy. When the husk is removed it becomes rice. Paddy has the power to germinate as long as the husk remains. Likewise, the vital principle is contained in matter. It may thus be seen that life came from matter. Likewise, the mind evolved from life. Today men are prepared to recognise that mind evolved from life and life from matter. But they are not ready to go beyond this stage in human evolution. Human evolution cannot be complete unless it goes beyond the mind.”

“There is no difference between one kind of consciousness and the other. All consciousness is alike because it is a manifestation of Brahman (the Absolute). It is Brahman that has manifested Itself as the Cosmos. The doctrine of evolution is being discussed widely and widely accepted. But one should try to understand how evolution takes place in Nature. Evolution in Nature is really the gradual unfoldment of the inherent powers of Nature.”

                                              what Sri Sathya Sai Baba has to say about “Theory Of Evolution”


The dream was an extremely wonderful experience in which I learnt a very nice lesson which I vividly remember till date.

Continuing with my dream …….

………I saw all the incarnations of Vishnu coming one by one and their significance was becoming clear to me…..

Matsya i.e the fish incarnation of Vishnu which saved the Vedas and the Seven sages during the Great deluge. Then I realized that life began in sea.


Kurma i.e the tortoise incarnation which helped in the churning of ocean to get the immortal ambrosia. And various other gifts that man has benefited including the modern day ayurveda. Then I realized that tortoise is an amphibian which means that life must have slowly moved away from water to live on land.


Varaha i.e the boar incarnation which saved Mother Earth from being hidden away by Hiranyaksha in the great waters. The boar represents the physical strength of an animal without much intelligence.


Narasimha i.e. the lion incarnation which come to destroy Hiranyakashyap. The lion represents the lord of the animal kingdom.


Vamana i.e. the baby incarnation of the lord for sending away the demon king Bali into the nether world. This is the dawn of the human form in the evolution.


Parasurama i.e. the incarnation of the lord for the destruction of the evil kshatriyas. The weapon yielding which represents the predominance of animalistic nature ( anger ) in the human form


Rama i.e the incarnation of the lord born for the destruction of Ravana the demon king. Rama represented the ideal character He is perfect in every aspect; the perfect man, the perfect husband, the perfect brother, the perfect king ,even though he is represented as a perfect human being he has mastered only the 16 out of the 64 arts as described by the scriptures. Thus he doesn’t represent a complete Human being.


Krishna this incarnation came at time when the world became more complex. This incarnation not only had to deal with external enemies of the state but also the enemies within the state. He was supposed to have mastered all the 64 arts that were and was the darling of all mankind. He represents the culmination of human existence. What every human desires to be…. “THE COMPLETE MAN”.


Buddha having enjoyed the world and all its pleasures and being tossed in the ocean of samsara , it is now time to renounce the world and to finally discover the Divine spark within each one of us, so as to being the final journey towards God.


Kalki He didn’t reveal anything to me hence I cannot comment about it.

And finally the dream was over

When I heard the bell ringing and to my utter surprise the bhajan secession was already over and the Aarthi had just began I stood on my feet and I was feeling so refreshed and happy that I learnt something new.


Post Unit Test:

All of you who have read the post must be wondering how I would have fared the unit test, luckily nothing about Darwin’s theory of evolution was asked most of the questions were from food and nutrition which I answered reasonably well and ensured that my marks card was not in red when it reached my parents.

Matsya – fish Aquatic form
Koorma – tortoise Amphibian( moving away from water)
Varaha – boar Beginning of Land animals
Narasimha – lion Lord of the animals
Vaman – small boy Beginning of homo sapiens
Parashuram – man with an axe Human with animalistic nature (predominance)
Rama – Moral man Family and social life
Krishna – Philosophical man Complete man
Buddha – Teacher Beginning of Spiritual life

Few other lessons that I learnt in the biology class which are still helpful in my daily life.

1) Be as simple as the Amoeba you will survive the toughest of times and situations. It is the only living thing that has survived since the beginning of time.


my elder brother got a chance to sit with a few students in the interview room along with Sri Sathya Sai Baba and the Vice Chancellor of SRI Sathya Sai Institute Of Higher Learning Mr Sampat. During the course of interactions with Swami Mr Sampat told Swami Your organisation is so big and i am so small, how can i survive,then Bhagawan in his own inimitable style replied “in the Ocean of life it is only the smallest boat that has got the largest rate of survival”,
2) However strong or however intelligent you may be if you do not adapt to the changing situations then your survival becomes difficult. eg the survival of the dinosaurs was threatened by their lack of adaptability to the changing situations.


Some other interesting facts I learnt later in life about the incarnations:

Cosmology and Astrology
“It is not a mere allegory but an archetypal story describing the incarnations or emanations of living and conscious evolutionary forces. The appearance of the Avatars is also not a random event but a cosmological necessity. The periodic manifestation of the Avatars is determined by their inherent association with the ‘Time-Spirit.’ They take birth at particular points in the cosmic cycle which correspond to the earth’s passage through the zodiacal ages—- Robert E Wilkinson, Cosmologist and Astrologer



Women who awakened their genius bring the message of a new era, full of wisdom by Alexandra David

When you take a look at history, it seems that the geniuses are especially men. Great inventions and discoveries, fascinating works of art, magnificent religious and political achievements are all marked by the contributions of male names. Is the genius a specific quality to the solar sex? Genius women are much less and when we hear about them we ask ourselves if they really belong to this category. Why do we do this?

Being a genius means you can’t live unless you give birth to the work that you feel growing inside you every moment. No rest, no respite, the genius finds an endless creativity. Countless hours they spend working and the patience which is part of his/ her being shows that the genius lives united with his/ her work: can’t live without it. The genius finds in a moment the simple and ingenious solutions to problems that concern all humanity and has all the skills necessary for the perfection of his/ her work.

The initiates say that a genius human being has awakened the subtle supra-mental body – VIJNANAMAYA Kosha – or in other words, the sphere of pure ideas, which are latent in each of us.

A genius marks the era in which he/ she lives. Through his/ her contribution, anything that occurs after such a human being it can’t remain as it was.

Any man or woman can achieve these performances, if they do all the appropriate efforts. Obviously, being a woman does not need to be an impediment. And yet, why are so few female geniuses?

A handy observation is that women give life. This not at all negligible aspect of a woman’s life makes her less interested in creating a new work apart from her child. She gave life and devoted herself with all her energy and she instilled in that baby everything she thought is the best. From this point of view, any real mother has the vocation of a genius.

Sure the qualities of that child have their importance as well. And if the child turns out to be also a real valuable human being, the fulfillment that the mother knows will have no resemblance. And the good her son/ daughter will make to the world will create a real difference, although her contribution as a mother remains anonymous.

But there are women who are geniuses and who create brilliant works. With their specific discretion and delicacy, their work marks the world.

Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ secret lover?

“When I saw Jesus and our eyes met, I realized that we were destined for each other.” – says the manuscript of Mary Magdalene, a text received through channeling by a female medium, which you can read in full on the Internet. It sounds like science fiction, but it contains some ideas mentioned by other researchers of this enigmatic character. In the canonical gospels, Mary Magdalene is mentioned as the first woman healed by Jesus Christ, which she then followed. She is also the one to which Jesus appeared first after the resurrection. Her legend is spectacular because it was believed that she was a prostitute – that is the expression of sin itself – and then she reached a higher level of holiness.


Some experts even call her apostola apostolorum – the apostle of the apostles, because she was with Jesus during his sermons, she witnessed His death and resurrection and she transmitted the teaching to others. In fact, she was the first to understand that Jesus was resurrected. From this perspective, we can say that Mary Magdalene made ​​a vital contribution to the founding of Christianity.


There is an apocryphal gospel that is attributed to her. The manuscript was found in 1896 near the town of Nag Hammadi in Egypt. Subsequently, two copies of this document in Greek were discovered in the northern part of the same country. Researchers have determined that the Gospel of Mary Magdalene was written around the year 160 AD.

This enigmatic woman came back to public attention with the launch of the novel The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown. The author dares to say that the character that sits to the right of Jesus in the Last Supper, painted by Leonardo da Vinci, which was previously thought to be the virginal Apostle John, is none other than Mary Magdalene. Also he says that she was married to Jesus and they had a child, the one from which the Merovingian dynasty claims its origin.


During the Last Supper, Jesus would have called Mary Magdalene the guarantor of God’s New Covenant to the people. This decision has been disapproved by some of the other disciples, especially by Peter, who would have made ​​then the story that says she was only a prostitute.

It’s very difficult to be sure of the documents we have received from those times. Many of them are not complete and those from which nothing seems to be missing were copied many times over the years. Some of those who were making the copies were adding some personal comments that were then included as such in the following text by the following copyists. Then there were also the ecclesiastical synods. The reasons that some passages were removed were often marked by political and economic interests.

If we were to take into consideration the manuscript recently received by channeling, Mary Magdalene was an initiated into the mysteries of Egypt, into the Alchemy of Horus and The Sex Magic of Isis (all these being based on the principle of sexual continence). She wore a certain kind of gold bracelet, like all the other women who belonged to the order of Sex Magic. In the eyes of contemporary Jews, this meant “prostitute” – and so it came to be considered also in the Gospels.

Alchemy of Horus

Not even at that time ordinary people did understand that sexuality can be sacred, even if there were special temples for it; the manuscript says that the sexual secret techniques that Mary Magdalene would have practiced with Jesus would have helped him to fulfill The Work. The Church wanted to deprive women of these teachings, thus taking their innate power. The genius of Mary Magdalene is controversial, but it is wearing the recognition of Jesus – in fact, the only one that matters.

Another apocryphal gospel, the one after Philip says that Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ favorite disciple. If He chose to appear first in front of her after the resurrection, if she understood the greatness of the situation and then sent it to us all, is there a point to continue to ask ourselves if she was a genius human being or not?

“The Mother” – Aurobindo’s disciple, the mother of all

On her real name Mirra Alfassa, later dubbed the Mother, was born in Paris in 1878. Her father was Turkish and her mother Egyptian – both Hebrews. Since the age of 5, she realizes that she doesn’t belong to this world and start a spiritual practice as she see fit.

She begins to enter the state of bliss while sitting simply at the table, to the dismay of her family who does not understand her. At the age of 12 she was already traveling outside the physical body. At age 16 she enrolls in the School of Fine Arts, where she receives the name “The Sphinx”, which she subsequently used to sign her exhibitions. Between the age of 19 and 20 she achieves a continuous and conscious union with God without the help of any master or a book.

Shortly after, she discovers Vivekananda’s Raja Yoga, which helps her to make even greater progress. These spiritual achievements doesn’t impede on her normal social life. At the age of 19 she got married and had a son, Andre.

She is a part of the circle of the contemporary artists and she’s a good friend of Rodin and Manet. In that period she discovers Bhagavad Gita and she falls hopelessly in love with Krishna. It begins to appear in her dreams the image of an Asian male figure. She thinks the image she sees is the god, but in a few years it proves to be her spiritual guide, Sri Aurobindo.

In 1908, Alfassa divorces and focus her energy towards spiritual quests. Together with her brother Matteo, she establish a spiritual group called The New Idea, in which they meet every Tuesday evening with people interested in psychic phenomena and mysticism. In parallel, she founded a group called Thinking Women United where Alexandra David-Neel is also a member and with which she become close friend.

In 1912, she organizes another group of about 20 people, called Cosmic, whose purpose is the attainment of self-knowledge and self-control. In 1910 she has an experience of awakening of the consciousness, where she realizes that the Divine Will is at the center of her being and ever since that moment she is no longer interested in any personal desire, but to follow that Will.

During this period she met her second husband, Paul Richard. He traveled to India and had met Sri Aurobindo, with whom he was corresponding. In 1914, Alfassa and Paul made ​​their first trip together to India, where they meet the master. Alfassa recognizes him as the one who appeared to her in visions and of which she thought that it was Krishna. At that moment, her mind completely shuts down for a few days and she remains in a state of cosmic consciousness.

During World War I she fled to Japan, where she met the poet Rabindranath Tagore. A Japanese friend write about her: “She came to learn the language and integrate with us. But we had so much to learn from her, she is so charming and unpredictable.” Finally, she returns to Pondicherry, where Aurobindo was and she settles there in 1920. Once the master retreats, in November 1926, she founded an ashram along with several others of his close followers and she becomes the leader of this community, a position which she held until her death. Sri Aurobindo believed that she is an avatar of the Supreme Shakti, and he honored her as such.

It is said that Mirra was encouraged by Aurobindo to wear saris, reason for which she gathered about 500. When someone is offering her 100,000 rupees for one of them, she sells them all, with all the ornaments, thus gathering funds for the ashram which was having financial difficulties after the death of their spiritual guide. She continues the work of Aurobindo, by founding Auroville, a city where “people can live away from national rivalries, social conventions, perverted morals and hostile religions”.

The 1,500 people who live in Auroville today live in houses that they have built themselves, cook with solar energy and trying to give a new meaning to the concept of community. Their settlement is a laboratory, and they are the pioneers of human evolution. In Auroville there is no system of laws, police or mayor. Life is entirely organic and television and discos are completely missing. Many believe that this is the place from where it will start the regeneration of humanity.

“The Mother” as her name remained, died in 1973, leaving behind an impressive work, containing dozens of books with the ​​testimony of her experiences on various spiritual topics. Was Mirra Alfassa a brilliant woman? No one can argue otherwise. She had the endorsement of a high spiritual being, and her work is the perennial testimony of her genius, while it is continuing to transform the world.

Lilian Silburn, the mysterious knower of secret teachings

Kashmir Shaivism would not become so easily available for us all without the translations of the incomparable Lilian Silburn, a French woman whose presence in the world remains of an almost frustrating discretion. Little it is known about her personal life, but her work shows that she was a genius. She translated and commented on Abhinavagupta’s hymns, translated Vijnana Bhairava Tantra and wrote a reference book about Kundalini energy. Her doctoral thesis, presented in 1948, is called ‘Instant and cause. The discontinuity of philosophical thinking in India’, and is a journey full of common sense into the Vedas, Brahmanas, Upanishads and Buddhism. In all her writings she proves that not only she is an erudite – but often she speaks from her own experience.

It seems that her spiritual guide was a certain Radhamohan Adhauliya, which was not the least a Shivait but a Sufi. She was Hindu and yet she received the teachings from this spiritual guide which was known to be very orthodox in his branch. The way she integrated the two traditions, to which it was added the Shivait influence, continues today through the spiritual aspirants who she coordinated until 1993, when she left this world and its boundaries.

She led for many years the National Center for Scientific Research in Paris. Over time, she became known in the West as the greatest authority on Kashmir Shaivism, a field in which she published numerous studies and articles.

Her most important book, Kundalini – energy from the depths, can be downloaded for free from the internet. There are no references about the author instead there are many passages about her experience. It is a book that can transform your life. If we take into consideration that Lilian Silburn is the one that has exposed for the West one of the highest spiritual traditions of the planet which is the Kashmir Shaivism, we can be sure that she was a truly remarkable woman.

Article taken from Yoga Magazine

When Science met Spirituality ….Its has been scientifically proven that DNA began as a quantum wave and not as a molecule.

dna quantum wavenot moleclule


One strand of DNA from one single cell contains enough information to clone an entire organism. Obviously, understanding DNA allows us to understand much about life and the universe around us. A deeper understanding of the new science discovery tell us that DNA beings not as a molecule, but as a wave form. Even more interestingly, this wave form exists as a pattern within the structure of time and space and is coded throughout the entire universe.

We are surrounded by pulsating waves of invisible genetic information, whose waves create microscopic gravitational forces that pull in atoms and molecules from their surrounding environment to construct DNA.


One scientist who caught these microgravitational forces in their action is Dr. Sergey Leikin. In 2008, Leikin put different types of DNA in regular salt water and marked each type with a different fluorescent color. The DNA molecules were then scattered throughout the water.

In the experiment’s major surprise, matching DNA molecules were found pairing together. After a short time, entire clusters of the same colored DNA molecules had formed. Leikin believes some sort of electromagnetic charge allowed the same colored molecules to cluster.


However, other experiments show that this is not the case. That it is most likely to be gravity. Let us explain. In 2011, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnier demonstrated that DNA can be spontaneously formed out of merely hydrogen and oxygen. He started out with a hermetically sealed tube of pure sterilized water and then placed another sealed tube next to it, which had small amounts of DNA floating in water. Montagnier then electrified both tubes with a weak, 7 hertz electromagnetic field and waited. 18 hours later, little pieces of DNA had grown in the original tube, which consisted of only pure sterilized water.


This new science tells us that the universe is constantly aspiring to make biological life, whenever and wherever it can. In any given area of the universe, these hidden microgravitational waves will begin gathering atoms and molecules together to create DNA, and thus, life. Another phenomenal discovery was made when Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp caught DNA in the act of pulling in photons (tiny packets of energy that make up visible light). The new science reveals that photons are essential to the basic health and function of DNA and are apparently used to send and receive information throughout the body. He found that each DNA molecule stores up to 1,000 photons within itself, similar to that of a tiny fiber-optic cable. The photons shoot back and forth at the speed of light inside the molecule and are stored until they need to be used.


In 1984, Russian scientist Dr. Peter Gariaev discovered that when a DNA molecule was placed inside a small quartz container, it naturally absorbed every photon in the room. A stunning analogy of this would be that of a single person standing in a large sports stadium and having every photon in the stadium somehow bending directly to that person, leaving that person’s body literally glowing with light, while the rest of the stadium goes completely dark. In conventional science, the only force that can bend light is gravity and it is done only around a black hole.


Thus, it appears DNA is generating a microgravitational effect that attracts and captures light. Looking back to the first experiment mentioned in this article by Dr. Leikin, we see that it is indeed likely not an electrical charge that forced or allowed the same DNA molecules to attract to one other, but is likely due to gravity, as electrical charges have never been able to bend light as it moves through space. The most amazing part of Dr. Gariaev’s experiment came when he thought it was over. He had pulled out the DNA from the quartz container and looked back into the container only to find that photons were still spiraling in the exact same place where the DNA had been.

Apparently, some sort of gravitational influence was holding photons right where the DNA had been. This later became called the “DNA phantom effect”. Thus, DNA is creating an energetic force that absorbs photons and pulls them right into the molecule, but the DNA itself isn’t even needed. It is some invisible force, or some wave, that attracts and holds the light (photons) there all by itself. Dr. Gariaev found that he could “blast” the phantom with supercold liquid nitrogen gas and the photons would all escape from the force field.

Within 5 to 8 minutes though, new photons would be captured and the entire phantom would reappear. He could keep doing this as much as he wanted, but new photons would keep appearing. In fact, it was only after doing this for 30 days straight that the photons finally did not reappear. Certainly, this last experiment was done over 30 years ago, and yet, the significance of it has yet to be truly felt. The first two experiments are still relatively young and have also yet to be fully appreciated. Clearly though, our view of the universe and life itself is changing as these concepts are understood by more people each day.




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